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To be able to buy a R.I.F. (Realistic Imitation Firearm), which is the colour of the real steel version rather than a 2-tone bright coloured gun, you need to be over the age of 18 and to have what is called a defence.  A defence is a term used to state that you have a good reason to own a R.I.F. as far as police and customs are concerned. If you play airsoft at a registered and insured site you can become a certified member and register with Ukara (United Kingdom Airsoft Retailers Association). This is an online resource available to shops that sell Airsoft guns and equipment.
To qualify, you need to attend games here for a minimum of 8 weeks. You can play every week if you want but you must attend at least 3 games over this time frame as a minimum. You can do the qualification over a longer period if you want but the criteria stated is the minimum.

**You cannot simply attend 3 games in quick succession to qualify as the 8 week time frame is the main criterion. **
In other words, there must be 8 weeks between your 1st and 3rd games. You can of course play as much as you want in between but the terms for qualification are stated as minimums.
Once you qualify we can sign you up here on any game day. We check your i.d. (such as a driving licence or passport) and issue you with a plastic membership card with your site membership number on it. This also doubles up as your Ukara number. There is a one off fee of £3.00 for this and the registration is available immediately to use at any registered airsoft shop. The fee also covers yearly renewals for as long as you play here (on a regular basis). You will need to put a reminder in your own diary for a year on from your registration date so that you can remind us to renew it for you. Ukara do not send out renewal reminders.
** It is important to complete the check in on the day, otherwise you will not get your attendance ’tag’. You can do this on arrival by scanning a QR code and completing the short form.**

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