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We have on-site rental store. This is where you rent equipment for the day if you need it. We offer a package deal that includes:

Assault Rifle

2 x Magazines

Full face/eye protection

3000 BBs.

Our rental guns are full & semi-auto capable assault rifles and come with a full battery pack.  If you need a fresh battery at any time throughout the day, this is done by our mobile gun techs free of charge.


Eye/Face protection is included but you can also purchase your own set from the on site shop if you prefer.  If you would like to rent camo coveralls, please ask when you pick up your rental gun on the day.  The rental price for coveralls is an extra £5.00 per set.

We provide mobile gun techs on the field to help you with any rental kit stoppages.

We are currently running the rental side of the business on a 'pay on the day' format.  There is no need to book your rental gear in advance at present.

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