7th Annual Skirmish Cup

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1 July 2017 - at 8:3017:00

6 Man teams, 25 teams maximum. The main tournament format is the card game using the jump off points. There will also be a 'Pistol Run' tournament module. Trophies for 1st, 2nd & 3rd and Riflemen. Strict chronograph limits as per usual with penalty points given for hot guns on the field. Players not in a team will be matched up to make up extra teams on the day.

This is how it works: All of the 6 man teams are allocated a different numbered drop off point for each round and all teams (bar those on the pistol run for that round) are on the field at the same time. These are marked on our maps of the game zone which are available to download from our homepage.

Once the teams are in position, the round starts and the object is to engage other teams to get their cards. Eliminated players must hand over their 'Life' card to the team that tagged them while keeping hold of any cards they have already collected. At the end of the round, team captains collect all their team's cards and present them to the score judge back at the safe zone. 1 point per card is added to the team's running score. Pistol run points are also added to the totals.

Players party Sat evening, free camping Sat night and special rates for next day's regular game if doing both events. Costs: £20.00 per player or £30.00 for both days. Written parental consent needed for Sat night camping for under 16s.

Please register your team in advance as places are limited. We ask that you do not use abbreviations or acronyms please when entering your team name.

Please email your team name to: jim@skirmish.co.uk

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Skirmish Days, Skirmish Days are open to all levels of player and there is always a good mix of experienced and 1st time players. First time players are taken to a separate game zone for an 'orientation warm-up game' This is just a short game to get them used to the equipment and the terrain before joining the main game.

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